[c]/ʃɪt / (say shit) Colloquial (taboo)

verb (shitted or shat or shit, shitted or shat or, Obsolete, shitten, shitting)
verb (i)
1. to defecate.
verb (t)
2. to pass with faeces: to shit blood.
3. to anger or disgust.
4. to put something over; hoodwink: you're shitting me!
5. faeces; dung; excrement.
6. the act of defecating.
7. a contemptible or despicable person.
8. bullshit (def. 2).
9. events or experiences which occasion deep dissatisfaction or disgust: I don't have to take this shit from her.
10. marijuana or hashish.
11. miscellaneous matter or items generally; stuff: what's that black shit on your shirt?; whose is all this shit on the table?
12. unpleasant: I've had a shit day.
13. of poor quality: that was a shit book.
14. (an exclamation expressing anger, disgust, disappointment, disbelief, etc.)
15. (in emphatic combination): shit yeah!; shit no!
16. and all that shit, and all the rest.
17. a shit of a …, an extremely difficult, unpleasant, disagreeable, etc., …: a shit of a job.
18. bad shit, bad things that happen.
19. be hot shit, to be extremely proficient at something.
20. dump (or heap){{}} (or pour) shit on, to denigrate; criticise.
21. get one's shit together, to achieve the state of being well-adjusted and in control of one's life.
22. get the shits, (sometimes followed by with) to become exasperated or angry.
23. give someone the shits, to arouse dislike, resentment, annoyance in someone.
24. good shit, something considered to be of excellent quality.
25. have one's shit together, to be in complete control of one's life, emotions, etc.
26. have shit for brains, to be extremely stupid.
27. have shit on the (or one's) liver, to be ill-tempered.
28. have the shits,
a. to have diarrhoea.
b. to feel fed up or weary.
c. to feel annoyed; to be in a bad mood.
29. have the shits with someone, to feel fed up or angry with someone.
30. hot shit, (an expression of excitement, admiration, etc.)
31. in a shit, in a bad mood.
32. in deep shit, in serious trouble.
33. in the shit, in trouble.
34. no shit!, (an exclamation assuring the listener of the truth or what one is about to say.)
35. not give a shit, to not care in the slightest.
36. not worth a pinch of shit, completely worthless.
37. piece of shit, a despicable person.
38. push shit uphill (with a pointy stick), to attempt the impossible.
39. put shit on, to denigrate; criticise.
40. scare (or frighten){{}} (the) shit out of someone, to give someone an intense fright.
41. shit a brick, (an exclamation of astonishment, wonder, dismay, etc.)
42. shit end of the stick, the bad part of a deal.
43. shit happens, (a catchphrase expressing an acknowledgement that in life unpleasant and unfair things happen.)
44. shit hot, extremely good; excellent.
45. shit in one's own nest,
a. to create trouble that will have a bad effect in one's own home, workplace, etc.
b. to have a sexual encounter with someone in one's own workplace, social community, etc.
46. shit it in, to win easily.
47. shit itself, (of a mechanical device) to cease to function.
48. shit oneself,
a. to soil oneself with excrement.
b. to be terrified.
49. shit on (or upon),
a. to denigrate.
b. to vanquish: to shit on the opposing team.
50. shit someone off, to annoy someone.
51. shovel shit, to be employed to do menial work.
52. sure as shit, absolutely sure; positive.
53. the eagle shits, one's pay is delivered.
54. the shit hits the fan, the trouble begins.
55. the shits,
a. diarrhoea.
b. a fit of ill temper.
56. tip (a bucket of) shit on (or over), to disparage or denigrate.
57. tough (or stiff) shit, (an exclamation indicating a lack of sympathy for another's misfortune.)
58. up shit creek (without a paddle){{}} (or in a barbwire canoe), in trouble; in difficulties.
59. up to shit, worthless; useless.
{Middle English shiten, Old English scitan (noun scite dung)

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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